December Information Session

Get information on upcoming City of Columbus projects.

When: December 1, 2022

Where: 1111 E. Broad Street

Time: 11:30 am

Project Managers

  • Georgesville Road Refuse Station

Refuse station which includes an open truck storage canopy, a hot load Sorting Pad and Site Work to include Utilities, Pavement, Landscaping and Storm Water Management.

Tentative Timeline: Bids due December of 2022.

  • CDBG Neighborhood Facilities Renovations

A series of 5 Facilities that will require renovations possibly under one to two contracts.

Tentative Timeline:  Bids due December 2022.  Design start February 2023.  Construction NTP July 2023.

  • New South Outpost at 2260 Lockbourne Road

Project includes demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new maintenance facility.

Tentative Timeline:  Bids due early 2023.  Construction NTP mid 2023 (pending timing of available funding)

  • 1250 Fairwood Avenue Locker Room Renovation

Project will include demolition of finishes and fixtures in the existing Men’s and Women’s locker room, and installation of new finishes and fixtures.

Tentative Timeline:  Bids due early 2023.  Construction NTP April 2023.

  • City Hall Electrical Upgrades

Replace main service electrical gear and transfer switches within City Hall.  The project will upgrade the back-up service size for better redundancy.

Tentative Timeline:  Bids due early 2023.  Construction NTP mid 2023.

  • Council Chambers Phase 2

Project will add two additional council member desks, reconfigure desk layout and install new electrical/network access needs for all the desks.  Wood flooring is to be patched as needed and refinished.  Five existing cameras and 2 light fixtures will be replaced with new fiber runs from Council Chambers to the CTV control room need to be installed.

Tentative Timeline: 

  • Division of Design & Construction (DODC) Inspection Office Addition

6,000 sq. ft. new addition to the Public Service Facility.  Includes site work, modification to the parking lot and through traffic, underground utilities, structural, architecture, MEPT, finishes, land/hardscaping and security.

Tentative Timeline: Bids due January 2023.  Construction NTP March 2023.

  • Municipal Court Building – Design and Construction Services, CMAR 

Location of the building on a 1.92 acre site.  The estimated size of the building will be between 345,000 and 378,000 sq. ft.  The building will have at least 26 courtrooms/hearing rooms. There will be approximately 10 floors plus a basement level.

Tentative Timeline: Construction NTP Spring of 2024. 

  • Police Substation/Real Time Crime Center, Emergency Operations Center and 911 Call Center

Project taking place on 10.67 acre site campus.  Design & Construction of a new multi-use facility housing the new Real time Crime Center, Emergency 911 call center,  Emergency Operation Center and IT Communications support.  Existing buildings will be demolished prior to new construction with emphasis on high performing, energy efficient and sustainable building and MEP redundancies.

Tentative Timeline: Construction NTP Spring of 2024.